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SEC Industrial Security Intelligence Data Platform 2019 – SEC Work Flow Content Map

CybersecurityStandardsPractices SEC Security Intelligence Data Platform

Privacy Maturity Model AICPA CICA Canada

CybersecurityStandardsPractices Privacy

Effective Regional Cyberthreat Sharing Mitre

CybersecurityStandardsPractices Cyberthreat Sharing

Data Sharing Requirements Initiative Collaborative Approaches – Health Care Payment LAN

CybersecurityStandardsPractices data sharing

Mitre: Cyber Resiliency Design Principles MTR17001 PR 17-0103

CybersecurityStandardsPractices Cyber Resiliency

Systems Security Engineering – Considerations for a Multidisciplinary Approach in the Engineering of Trustworthy Secure Systems

NISTStandardsPractices NIST standards

Africa – The State of African Utilities Performance Assessment and Benchmarking Report – Water

SmartCitiesStandardsPracticesWater africa infrastructure water

Project Management Evaluation Good Practice Standards – ECG – EPCM

EPCMStandardsPractices epcm standards